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UNIT FARM UFL3000 LED grow light VS Bloom Plus BP3000 Sunlike Full Spectrum LED

Viewed 518 times6-7-2021 11:22 PM

LED Grow Lights are becoming more and more popular in all types of indoor gardening. The best led grow lights can help you to grow strong, healthy plants. They can give you a huge yield plus great quality of fruits and flowers. Indoor growing offers many advantages. The biggest benefits are the most obvious! Garden pests can’t get at your plants, and you have total control over the weather.

Why Choose LED Grow Lights?

LED grow lights are a great solution for today’s indoor plant grower. When buying quantum board LED grow lights, you need to consider their durability. The construction should be of high quality. If not, then you’d be wasting your hard-earned money. LED grow lights provide the spectrum of light your plants need. If your plant doesn’t get enough light it will not grow strong. Then the productivity of the plant will decrease as well. So, if you don’t get enough fruits and flowers from your indoor garden, you can use some cheap led grow lights. Also, if you need to save them from snow or cold by providing enough daylight for your plants.


Unit Farm Grow Light Saves energy costs

Enables year round production

Has an advanced cooling system


Light frequency is a bit lacking

Lamp quality needs to improve


Multiple heat sinks

Upgraded aluminum radiators

Two multiple high-speed mute fans


Bloom Plus Grow Light is Not waterproof

For indoor use only

Are LED lights good grow lights for cannabis?

Especially for indoor growers, LED grow lights are excellent for cannabis at its different growth stages. They are designed based on photosynthetic wavelengths and have the diodes to produce the right kinds of light.

LED grow lights are also typically user-friendly. They can use a wall socket and don’t need a separate ballast. They are also simple to install and compact, easy to configure to any space.

Are LED grow lights worth the money?

The best LED grow lights on the market are definitely worth the money. LED grow lights are certainly the most cost-effective and efficient over time compared to other choices.

Why use LED grow lights?

There are some great reasons to use LED grow lights:

You have more control over your plants

The right temperature is critical to ensuring your plants don’t get burned or wilt. Optimal growth means the right balance of warmth and cool. LED lights produce less heat and don’t get as hot to the touch, and are therefore far less likely to damage your plants.

LED grow lights also give you more control over wavelength and even wattage. This allows you to manage the light intensity and wavelength your plant will receive at each stage. Many come with dimmer switches and other precision controls. LEDs also allow you to better plan for unique grows and provide better coverage by configuring multiple lights.

They run cool and eliminate the need to ventilate

No one needs the added expense of a separate ventilation or cooling system. LED grow lights give you intense light without nearly as much heat. No cooling or ventilation system means an additional energy savings.

Easy to install and portable

Installation is typically just following a few steps, very simple. Made with modern materials, these lights are easily portable and relatively compact.

Many LED grow light models are small, and can be configured together. This allows you to combine them to cover larger areas and unusual spaces.

More energy-efficient and cost-effective

LED grow lights have long life spans—between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, or 7 to 8 years on average, typically. LEDs are also more energy-efficient than any other type of light based on output and power drawn.

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