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GeekBeast 630w Pro VS ECO Farm ECOZ 700W Samsung 301H Chips LED Grow Light

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Right now the world is experiencing a cannabis growing revolution, and that means there are more options for growers out there than ever. However, it also means that it’s not always clear what the best alternatives are, especially when new tech comes out so fast.

This post is a review of the top ten best LED grow lights. We reviewed as many LED grow lights as we could from those available on the market as of January 2020. From those, we selected our favorites for a variety of reasons, and created this detailed guide.

We evaluated each grow lamp based on numerous factors, including durability, cost, yield, wattage, spectrum and more. The details of your grow determine which are the best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bar options for your grow, so we wanted to go deep and present the range of the best choices out there.

Obviously, budget, growing experience, strains, environment, and goals will all define growing needs. That’s why each grower’s needs are unique.

Why are LEDs a good choice to grow Marijuana and Cannabis?

Getting a plant to grow indoors is a full-time task. You are supposed to provide the best possible form of light with the highest possible intensity. LEDs, if compared to any other artificial light source, are the only form of light that one can rely on in terms of intensity.

Including all other benefits of LEDs, there are a variety of features these lights have that can make them the best choice for plant’s growth. No matter how much of these you use, the energy consumption of these lights will be far lower than any other source of light you will use to grow the plants. The plus point here is the average billing that comes without having you to compromise on the intensity of light at all.

LED lights usually last longer than any other light source and are usually priced reasonably. All of this combined with the fact that these LEDs can provide instant bright light to your plants makes them an event better plant growing source. Other features including the idea of these lights being environment friendly, incapable of producing harmful UVs, and their strong build are enough to regard these lights as the best choice to help your plants grow.


Excellent PAR output

Convenient dimmable feature

Optimal Spectrum


Flowering takes time

Requires more extension cords


Double Switch

Metal frame

ECO Farm LED grow light with Fireproof PC cover


Not ideal for grow tent

No heat sink

Best LED Grow Lights – Buyer’s Guide

If you have decided on your LED grow light, here are a few pointers that you should not miss before making the final purchase:


This is a first step. Take out your measurement tape as it is better to know accurate measurements than to buy a grow light on an estimated guess. As each light has a specific coverage area it can offer, hence, you need to know what can you fit within the space you have at home. Knowing you space measurements will also help you out in knowing the feedback from reviewers who had the same growth space as you.

Brand / Price

This will be critical as the grow lights offering better quality will generate maximum benefits. If you’re a learner, you’ll probably want to get your feet wet with a low-priced solution. If you’re skilled, you will know that with LED grow lights – good quality means more price. Knowing the product brand and their reliability is equally important. A popular brand with raving reviews is almost always – a safe bet.


A full spectrum LED grow light will help your plants grow to their maximum nutritional value. Depending on the stage of growth, you will need a red and blue spectrum, as well as infrared and ultraviolet lights. To ensure maximum growth, it is important to have a powerful light with different wavelengths.

The industry’s full spectrum yields are slightly newer, but they are quick to take their place in a grower’s catalog. Full spectrum grow lights run cool and need no extra fans. They save on energy and cost less overtime. Most LED lights have a variety of colors emitted – including the best LED grow lights that have a full range of IV/UR rays.

Electrical Usage

As they use a lot of electricity, it is wise to get a grow light that cuts down on the electricity bills. An average LED grow light operates for around 10 to 12 hours a day. The higher light intensity you choose (1000w, 400w, 300w etc), the lesser electrical usage takes place in the most cost-effective ways.

Light Control

Depending on the stage, you’ll want to ensure that your plants receive the proper amount of lighting (down to the exact hour). It’s extremely important that light cycles are followed to a tee as it can severely alter the growth and potency of your plants.


It might be hard for you to understand the technicalities behind the LED grow lights at first – but once you are able to work through them it will be a charm to be able to grow your home-based produce! This product does take a little learning to do but it goes a long way in helping you get organic farm-fresh fruits and vegetables with the highest nutritional value possible.

Overall, LED is an effective lighting solution to replace the natural light. The more familiar you get with the technique – the better your indoor plants will look.

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