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5 Best Rosin Presses: Your Buyer’s Guide (2021)

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Rosin extraction is safe and easy for both home and commercial growers because it doesn’t require any solvents with which to extract cannabinoids, nor does it require extensive safety measures as some other extraction methods do. But for rosin extraction to be most efficient – and produce the highest yield – professionally designed rosin presses are ideal. Today, rosin presses can be found in almost any shape, size, form, and capacity. Here are some of our favorite Best Rosin Presses for both commercial and personal use.


Temperature is key to making good rosin! A good rule of thumb to remember is:

Lower temperatures (190°F- 220°F) = more flavor/terpenes, less yield, end material is more stable (butter-like/honey consistency

Higher temperatures (220°F- 250°F) = less flavor/terpenes, more yield, end material is less stable (sap-like consistency)

Bearing these in mind, if your press is more than capable of delivering the right pressure, we don't recommend you going higher than 250°F.


While it's tempting to go out to build or buy a rosin press with the highest capacity, science has shown that higher pressure does not necessarily equate to higher yields.

Sometimes the higher pressure can, in fact, produce less desirable results because the increase in pressure actually forces less desirable materials such as lipids and other fine particles into your rosin.

Our friends at Pure Pressure broke the science down to a tee on this on their blog if you want to read more about it.


The time it takes to produce rosin varies depending on the material, a strain that you’re using and if there’s enough pressure

Here are some of the things you need to consider:


When I say quality, I do not just mean the quality of the press itself but also the quality of the concentrate it will produce.

The heat is directly responsible for quality maintenance. Too much heat can result in sub-par rosin that is almost burnt.

One way to control is with high pressure that yields more even at low temperatures.


Most people think the higher the pressure, the more yield the press would produce. On the contrary, extreme pressure may infiltrate the rosin with unwanted plant material.

The pressure should be high, but just high enough for the amount you are pressing.


Size is another important consideration when choosing a rosin press machine, especially if you are going to use it at home.

For a commercial setting, you normally would not care if it is too big or heavy.

However, for domestic extraction size has to be manageable and portable enough.


If you want a rosin press that does not make significant sound, you should not go for a pneumatic rosin press.

These use concentrated air for exerting pressure and can be fairly noisy. The electric ones would be the quietest among all.


Choosing the type of rosin press is directly going to affect your use, the yield, and most importantly, the price.

If you do not mind some manual labor, a manual rosin press would be best.

If you plan on using it for producing multiple batches at a time, go for the pneumatic or electric one.


Some rosin press models have advanced features that allow you to control temperature and pressure, to achieve different consistencies in rosin.

This depends on what your production goal is. If you like experimenting, I would recommend buying the best electric rosin press with digital control of time, temperature, and pressure.


These machines cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the type and size of the press.

Most brands do offer long warranties. However, you should read in detail as to what parts the warranty is valid for and how long.

5 Best Rosin Presses recommend for you


Affordable when contrasted with a portion of the better quality presses

Simple to clean and use

Incredible worth all around!


Tends to move around when the press isn’t rushed down

It tends to be difficult to use for the individuals who aren’t “solid”


Lightweight and circumspect

Equally warmed

Worked with top-notch materials (additionally reasonable!)


On the littler side

Hard to track down in stock on occasion


Easy to utilize


Worked to last


A piece on the littler side

Contact screen control can be wonky now and again


The minimized press worked to last.

Compacting the siphon requires insignificant exertion.

5″ autonomously controlled warmth plates

Temperature control is precise.


Over the top expensive

Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack Heat Press Kit


Very strong

The jack is replaceable

Precise temperatures reliably

Great materials


It’s unfathomably costly contrasted with a portion of different alternatives accessible!


There are a lot of rosin presses to choose from so picking out the best rosin press for your unique needs can be time consuming and challenging. We’ve sorted through the top personal rosin presses and the most popular commercial rosin presses to available and picked out the best rosin presses of 2021 There have been some great improvements and upgrades to rosin presses over the last year. But who has time to keep up with it all? We do. We’ve sorted through the top rosin presses available and developed a guide to help you choose the best rosin press for you and your unique needs.

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